July 27, 2017

Jim's Gallery

  • 2011 - Jim Giving a speech to a youth group. Along with explaining the cowboy way of life to “City” kids, the theme was about being able to accomplish anything you want in life by putting your mind to it. Never be afraid of Dreaming BIG!
  • 2010 - The things you do for love! Here Jim carries props for one of, wife Bobbi’s, modeling projects. Often volunteered for “wrangler” or “grip” on film / photo shoots, he takes it in stride.
  • 2009 - Giving a speech about his books to a group of elderly folk who came to see a "cowboy gathering!"
  • 2010 - Night on the town! Bobbi Jeen and Jim Olson attending a charity function near Casa Grande, AZ.
  • 2006 - Before glasses!
  • 2007 - Winning a pistol at a team roping benefit for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.