July 27, 2017

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Happiness, by Jim Olson

Happiness is something humankind has sought since the dawning of time. Thousands of games and other forms of entertainment have been invented to stimulate it. What most never realize however is all happiness is fleeting unless you first bring it with you. Happiness is not a destination. It must come from a place inside of you. True happiness is never external. 

Happiness is sought in many ways. Some look for it in the form of shopping, or roping, others in the form of a buddy or

partner. Many sit around, saying they are bored, looking for something to do.  Something to entertain them. Something to

make them happy. They are hoping something “out there” will come along and magically make them happy.

People play games, watch sports, take a trip to Vegas, on and on, in search of the elusive “happiness.” And generally, they

find it—for a little while. Soon enough however, the euphoria fades away and they are bored once again. Then they

continue looking for the next form of entertainment to make them “happy.” Most think happiness could be theirs, “if only.” 

It has been proven, time and again, having “this” or “that” does not fulfill your deep-down need for happiness. Most of us

never realize that all external forms of happiness are merely ephemeral. True happiness is something you must bring with


There are many ways to get, and remain, happy. Just remember, it is always an inside job. Each has their own specific

triggers that work for them. Personally, I love to read inspirational material. I also constantly dwell on things I am thankful

for. These things help my state of mine stay right. One lesson I learned long ago was to be happy with what you have and

where you are at, regardless. Make the most of each and every situation and moment. This does not mean you should not

aspire to reach greater heights, but your state of happiness should not depend upon reaching those heights.

Remember, when you bring happiness with you—happiness which comes from within—then, and only then, will it not

matter what you are doing. You will be happy no matter what is happening externally. This is a trait of most positive

thinkers and optimists. People who look for the bright spot in every situation and remember to be thankful for what they

have. The happiest people I have ever met were eternal optimist and always positive! Most also had a strong belief in God.

So the next time you are headed somewhere just to have a little fun, remember to bring happiness with you—inside.

This is the only true way it will last.

Jim Olson ©2015